APAVE Indian Ocean Ltd

APAVE Indian Ocean Ltd



MANAGE INDUSTRIAL RISKS at the workplace means ensure that facilities comply with regulations, enhance safety of people and equipment and minimize the risks associated with industrial operations.

THE GOAL OF APAVE GROUP, worldwide leader in Industrial Risk Management, is to help and accompany its clients towards a better management of the industrial risks specific to their activity.

APAVE INDIAN OCEAN LTD was established in 2002 as a subsidiary of the Apave group, and was aimed, to provide the Apave expertise to respond to the needs of clients of Mauritius, Africa and the Indian Ocean region, in mechanical inspections, safety audits and consulting, professional training and quality consulting in all the fields related to industrial operations: electricity, lifting and handling, work at height, fire safety, mechanics and pressure, food safety, environment, energy, etc.

TODAY THE COMPANY AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES SUCCEED, in being the most recognized service providers in Mauritius, Africa and in the Indian Ocean region for Industrial Risk Management and Professional Training, and currently collaborates with more than 200 Mauritian and international companies.