Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision

Be the reference for technical assistance, consulting and training to public and private entities on the local and international market. 
Be our clients' partner in the risks management associated with their activities.

Our Mission

Develop the Apave Group services in technical, human and environment risks management in Mauritius and internationally.
Accompany our clients to create an optimum working environment for the safety of people and their properties, for the protection of the environment and to optimise performance across a full range of technical inspection, audits, training and consulting services.

Our Values

APAVE has more than 140 years of existence worldwide in risks management, with 8000 inspectors and technical experts.

APAVE is close to its clients, eager to meet their needs for reliability and quality in terms of industrial risks management.

APAVE acts with integrity in the different aspect of company by being honest, fair and responsible; and have a total respect for the human being, social rules and environment.