Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Our CSR Strategy...


At Apave Indian Ocean we seek to achieve corporate and social objectives by focusing on strategic areas, based on our Mission, Vision and Values. This concept is a balance to our economic growth with the sustainable social and environmental development of the country. The company and its subsidiary ploughs back 2% of its profits annually in the community through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.


  • Hence, Apave Indian Ocean and its subsidiary will, through their CSR Fund, finance one of the 4 priority areas: the Welfare of children from vulnerable groups, up to 50% of the total CSR Fund as defined in the CSR Guidelines.


"Vulnerable Children" as defined by the CSR Guidelines are defined as follows:

  1. Children from families living below the poverty line
  2. Children with disabilities
  3. Children suffering from a severe disease
  4. Abused children
  5. Abandoned children and orphans
  6. Street children
  7. Teenage mothers
  8. Neglected children
  9. Children with parents in prison
  10. Children in conflict with the law


Our struggle to help children from vulnerable groups meets the mission of the company to reduce risks, not only in business, but for the society itself. We will strive for these children to become responsible citizens, by having the necessary guidance and education. 


  • Another focus of our CSR policy is Education. In order to meet the company's mission, that is, the Prevention and Management of Industrial Risks, we firmly believe that training of individuals before being employed in the industrial sector is crucial.


In Mauritius, most of the youngsters choosing a professional technical track after school come from those vulnerable groups and poor families. In order to help them become good technicians and employees, they have to follow appropriate technical courses related to their job.


Apave Indian Ocean therefore decided to target those who are deprived, and support projects with an educational dimension in the technical fields. In accordance with the national CSR guidelines, the company does not support any project from individuals and religious or political bodies or communal social organizations.